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Inspiring Programs at Historic Performance Venues

The Lensic Performing Arts Center in Santa Fe is one of the premier performance venues in the Southwestern United States. Designed by the same architect as the KiMo (the venue in March), and therefore offers some of the same unique and beautiful design features.

The Lensic Performing Arts Center In Santa Fe
840 Seat Capacity

Built in 1931, The Lensic is more than a theater to the people of Santa Fe. For most of the 20th Century, The Lensic was a place for a first kiss in the balcony, a grand slice screen in the midst of the Depression, a vaudeville venue where the community could see he singers, actors, dancers and comedians of the day. It was, and continue to be a place where magic happens. The Lensic is now hope to more than 200 premier events each year.

Excerpts from March Ageless Living Conference

Event Schedule

Lensic Performing Arts Center

September 7/8

Friday Evening – September 7
07:00 PM – Opening Blessing
07:15 PM – Music Featuring Martha Reich accompanied by Michael Kott on Cello
07:30 PM – George and Sedena Cappannelli – Feature Talk – Ageless Living
08:30 PM – Break
08:40 PM – Lynne Twist – Living A Committed Life
09:40 PM – Lynne Twist – Q&A
10:00 PM – Close & Book Signing

Saturday – September 8
08:30 AM – Doors Open / Find Your Seats
09:00 AM – Opening Envisioning
09:10 AM – Eben Alexander and Karen Newell – Featured Talk – Living In A Mindful Universe
10:10 AM – Eben Alexander & Karen Newell – Q&A
10:20 AM – Break
10:30 AM – Jeddah Mali – Featured Talk – Intelligent Design – The Hidden Design Behind Evolution
11:30 AM – Jeddah Mali – Q&A
11:40 AM – Book Signing & Lunch – Jeddah Mali & Eben Alexander and Karen Newell
01:00 PM – Sedena – Welcome Back and PEP
01:10 PM – Bruce Lipton – Featured talk – Aging, A Belief to Grow Old By
02:10 PM – Bruce Lipton – Q&A
02:25 PM – Gregg Braden – Featured Talk – The New Human Story
03:25 PM – Gregg Braden – Q&A
03:25 PM – Break and Book Signing – Bruce Lipton – Gregg Braden
03:45 PM – Sedena Cappannelli
03:55 PM – Caroline Myss – Featured Talk – The Wisdom Choice
04:55 PM – Q&A
05:05 PM – Ageless Living Next Steps – Closing Envisioning
05:15 PM – Caroline Myss – Book Signing


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Rates for June 14/20
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Don’t forget to ask for the Ageless Living Special Conference Rates

Don’t forget to ask for the Ageless Living Special Conference Rates